How much should I send in?

This depends on how much you’d like in return. If you order a Starter Swap, you’ll get three items in return, and we ask that you send us three items of your unwanted clothes. For a 1kg Swap, please send us 1kg of clothes. For a 2kg Swap, please send us 2kg of clothes. If you send us less (for example 1.5kg) we will send you less back (for example we’d send you 1.5kg back.) For a Quick Swap, you’ll get five items in return, and we ask that you send us five items. If you'd like to send us more than you'd like to get back, that's fine too! We're happy to take any extra items as donations. 


What should I send in?

We accept all clothes and accessories as long as they are in a good, wearable condition. We do not accept knickers or underpants. If an item is in such bad condition that we are unable to send it to other swappers, we will not accept this as part of your swap and therefore we will send you less in return, but we’ll always get in touch to chat about this with you. If you are unsure about the items you’re sending in, feel free to email us with photos.


What countries do you ship to? 

We ship internationally! 


What sizes do you go up to? 

We have an every size guarantee, which means we will always send you a Swap in your size - no exceptions! Check this out for more info.


What clothes will I get sent?

That’s up to you! After checkout on our ‘Bespoke Swaps’ you’ll be sent a style form asking for more info about your style and size preferences and we will handpick clothes which we think will suit you. If you don’t really like the surprise element of this, then you can pick a bundle for yourself with our Quick Swaps and you can claim available items on our Instagram (@bigsisterswap) where we regularly post photos of our favourite pieces.

Will the clothes I get sent be the same calibre as the clothes I send in? 

Yes, we'll try to match the quality of clothes you send in where possible. Ie: if you send in a bundle of designer items, we'll likely send you a bundle of designer items. If you send us a bundle of lower-quality clothes, it is unlikely you will get designer items in return. If you're unsure on this, feel free to email us any questions.

Where do I send the clothes?

You’ll be sent our address when you order a Swap.


How long will it take to get my Swap? 

Our turnaround can vary, but as of April 2021, the turnaround is currently four weeks from us receiving your parcel to you receiving your handpicked clothes. We will update this if this changes. If you have asked for something very specific or something we do not currently have in stock, this may take a bit longer whilst we locate the items for you.

How should I send the clothes in?

With whichever postal method you prefer. You pay for the clothes to get to us, so this part of the Swap is up to you! Just make sure the clothes are well wrapped, with your name and address clearly identifiable. Don’t worry about what packaging you use- we reuse all packaging so it won’t be wasted!


What about washing clothes? 

We do ask that you send us clean clothes, out of respect for the team. In order to limit the environmental impact of washing clothes en masse, we do not wash every item before sending it out. We only wash items that clearly need a wash (ie: they are stained or smell). Therefore, we do recommend washing your entire swap when you receive it if you are concerned about this. 

What is the returns policy?

You can send anything back to us within two weeks of you receiving your Swap. Although you do have to pay to get the clothes back to us, we will not charge you extra, and we will pay to get the replacement clothes back to you.


Can I donate clothes and not receive anything in return? 

Yes absolutely! Drop us a message or email and we can tell you the address to send your donation to. And if you have a lot of quality clothes to send, and you're worried about the postage costs, we'll be happy to cover it. Just get in touch and we can see what we can do! 


If you don’t see your question listed here, feel free to drop us an email: