About us

Big Sister Swap is the world's only online personalised Swapping service, letting you send in your unwanted clothes and receive handpicked preloved clothes in return. 

We're like a huge online clothes swap mixed with a personal stylist and a mystery thrift box. 

Our mission: 

- To encourage Swapping not shopping, showing everyone how clothes can be given a new life by new owners. Encouraging a circular economy eliminates textile waste and is one of the most effective ways of transforming fashion into a sustainable industry. 

- To never buy new. If we don't have something to send you from our other Swappers we will only get things from charity shops or sustainable sources. We will never buy new clothes to send to you.

- To prevent clothes going to landfill. We believe no clothes, shoes, or accessories should be chucked in the bin. We're on a mission to show you how to revamp your clothes and swap clothes you no longer wear.

- To be entirely inclusive. We pledge to always find clothes to send back to you, regardless of your size and style.