Sounds too good to be true? Here's what the press has to say...

  • Metro

    "Big Sister Swap is a breath of fresh air, adding fun to buying eco-friendly clothes and not breaking the bank in the process. Not only do you get to streamline your wardrobe and get rid of stuff that hasn’t sparked joy in ages, you’re also treated to a bespoke package of garments handpicked for you."

  • Good On You

    "In an industry rife with greenwashing, human rights abuses, and poor animal welfare, a service like Big Sister Swap steps in with an entirely circular fashion approach."

  • Glamour

    "Big Sister Swap is an innovative clothes-swapping platform, which just so happens to be size-inclusive, better for the environment AND mega-chic."

  • The Evening Standard

    "The USP is the laziness factor. If you don’t fancy going along to an event, Big Sister Swap sends personalised clothes swap bundles to your home so you don’t even have to leave the house"

  • Bustle

    "Big Sister Swap is an inclusive service, swapping clothes for all genders and ages"

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  • Faye

    FANTASTIC! I was so excited for my clothes to arrive and when they did I was over the moon. Very well selected and great items, good quality too! Can’t wait to wear them all, will definitely be doing this again.
    Thank you very much

  • Megan

    I absolutely love the concept of this service and fully enjoyed the experience! All the clothes suited my style perfectly and fit like a dream. A lovely way to update your wardrobe without the environmental consequences. Fully recommend!

  • Eve

    I was really happy with my 5-item swap. All the items fit well and I was actually surprised to see how good the conditions of the items were.The service was quick and I really appreciated the customer service when I forgot to send my parcel to them. I’d definitely consider doing a bigger swap in the future.

  • Stanka

    Extremely lovely and super talented team! I got my swaps not too long ago and I love absolutely everything! Not gonna lie I was worried that some items wouldn’t fit me cause as plus-size girl I’m different size in different brands/shops. But somehow they understood it and all the clothes fit almost perfect! Please express my gratitude to the stylist that picked my swaps 😍