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How does the Swap work?

1: Purchase your swap 

2: Once we get your order, we'll send you an email asking for more information. (Things like what styles you love and what you hate) So we'll know exactly what clothes to send you back.

3: You send us a parcel of your old clothes (it is a swap after all!) Send us however much you want, you just have to pay for postage. (We won't accept damaged items). Make sure you include your name somewhere so we know it's your parcel. 

4: Once we've got your parcel we aim to send you a parcel back within a week!

5: Don't forget to share what you got on social media by tagging us @bigsisterswap


How does swapping help the environment?

Swapping rather than shopping means there'll be fewer clothes chucked out that end up in landfill. Pre-loved clothes are the best way to get a boost to your wardrobe without adding any more textile waste to the heaps and heaps already damaging our planet.

Why do you use recycled bags for packaging?

We're all about minimising our impact on the environment so we recycle bags as packaging, and we'd love if you could continue to recycle them and not chuck them out. Even if our packaging looks a bit crap, we promise there are gems inside.

How long will it take for my parcel to arrive?

We aim to send the parcel to you within a week of receiving your parcel. The travel time may take longer depending on where you live. 

How does sizing work?

We go by the UK sizing in the label of the clothes we send you. We do not take responsibility for if the clothes do not fit. 

Where does Big Sister HQ get their clothes?

Mostly from other Swappers! We redistribute the clothes we get to send Swappers clothes from other Swappers we think they'll like. We also love thrifting and charity shopping so there'll be some of that too. 

Why do you do the parcels on weight?

We send you the same weight parcel you've sent us. This means if you've sent us a heavy parcel, you may get just one big item back as the weight will be the same. Or if you send us just one chunky necklace you may get back lots of tshirts. 

How do you send our items?

All items are sent Royal Mail 2nd Class, standard delivery. They are not sent tracked or signed for. We are not responsible if your parcel is lost. 

Where should you send your parcel?

To our address (in our Contact Us section) 

How much do I have to send to Big Sister HQ?

We'll send back the amount of clothes you've purchased, so either 1kg or 2kg, but you can send us more than that if you'd like to get rid of a lot of clothes and get less back. 

How does shipping work?

You pay for your shipping to us, and we'll pay for shipping back to you. The amount your shipping costs will depend on the weight of your parcel. Double check with your post office how much that will be. (Shipping will cost the same wherever you are in the UK, but we charge £7 extra if you are outside the UK!) 

What if I am a very large or very small size in clothing?

We will always find clothes for you, regardless of your size or style preference. Sometimes it may take a little longer than usual, but Swapping is absolutely for everyone. 

What if I don't like the clothes you send?

You can send them back and try again! You just have to pay for the postage, but you won't be charged again. It must be within two weeks of you receiving your parcel. 

Our Mission

- To encourage Swapping, not shopping. Showing everyone how clothes can be given new love by new owners.

- To never buy new. If we don’t have something to send you from our other Swappers we will only get things from charity shops or sustainable sources. We will never buy new clothes to send you.

- To prevent clothes going to landfill. We believe no clothes, shoes, or accessories should be chucked in the bin. We’re on a mission to show you how to revamp clothes and swap clothes you no longer wear.

- To be entirely inclusive. We pledge to always find clothes to send back to you, regardless of your size and style.

- To help spark change (and not just environmentally). We recognise that swapping clothes is a privilege. Choosing what we wear, what we do, and how we spend our money is a privilege. That’s why we’ve started our Big Sister, Bigger Causes initiative. Each month we’ll donate a percentage of our profits to a different charity or cause or group achieving something amazing and important. To see who we are donating to each month, and to suggest a cause, check out our Instagram.


- All the items we send are second-hand, and therefore will not always be perfect quality. We always check items before we send them and will never knowingly send out damaged items

- We reserve the right not to send you a bag of items if we do not feel you have sent us quality items. We will not accept damaged items as part of the swap. If you are not sure if we will accept your item do not hesitate to send us an email to ask! 

- We will never sell your contact details, we are GDPR compliant 

Return Policy

If you are not happy with the clothes we’ve sent you in the Swap, we are very happy for you to send them back to us and we will try again to pick out clothes you’ll like! Just send us an email to let us know.


If you feel we have made a significant mistake with the clothes we have sent you (ie: an entirely incorrect style, items you explicitly asked not to receive, or incorrect sizing), we will be happy to pay for the postage for you to send the clothes back and receive a new Swap.


We will not refund a Swap after the clothes have been sent to you, we will only exchange items.


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