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Big Sister Swap

Secret Swap-ta

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Blend Secret Santa with Swapping with this one-off experience, perfect for any group of people! 

Each participant will fill out their own style form, and will receive a hand-selected item. All items will be individually wrapped, and sent together in one package to your lead Swapper - ready to be unwrapped altogether in the festive season! 

Sustainable, affordable, personal and fun.

Available for: all adult clothing, all styles, all genders, and all sizes. 

Unlike our other options, participants do not need to send in their unwanted items to swap. This is jut a one off fun taste for the styling side of our service! 

Please allow 2 weeks for the package to arrive. 

Please note we will only offer a refund if there has been an issue with sizing or if the item is damaged. We will not offer a refund for style. Items must be returned to us by 15th Jan 2023 to get a refund. 

To ensure you receive your items in time: we will only accept orders up until 30th Nov.