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Big Sister Swap

Pink & brown corduroy patchwork blazer - Size 8/10 - Haus of Kitsch

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Pink and brown corduroy patchwork blazer. This item has been reworked by Haus of Kitsch. It has been made using various fabrics from a range of different clothes. 

About the designer: 

Haus of Kitsch 

I would describe myself as a mixed media creative with a passion for sustainability, an interest in the avant-garde and influence from alternative subcultures. I love anything arty, jazzy and weird as much as I love writing and making one off pieces that I personally tend to find cool or fun to make and look at as opposed to perhaps trendy or in-fashion. Shop Camila's designs here. 

Please note: As far as we know there are no flaws on this item, and therefore we will not accept returns. You can of course send it back to us as part of your next Swap!