Little Tot Quick Swap: 3-4 yrs, 2kg

Little Tot Quick Swap: 3-4 yrs, 2kg

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Included in this bundle: 

H&M - red christmas reindeer top - 3-4 yrs
George - grey star unicorn dress - 3-4 yrs
George - star leggings - 4 yrs
No brand - blue unicorn dress - 3-4 yrs
H&M - grey woolen tights - 3-4 yrs
Next - pink floral pattern set of top and leggings - 3-4 yrs
No brand - grey wool tights - 3-4 yrs
TU - navy star glitter top - 3-4 yrs
George - blue long sleeve unicorn top - 3-4 yrs
George - witch pink and purple costume - 3-4 yrs
M&S - denim fur jacket - 3-4 yrs
TU - cream embroidered crop cardigan - 3-4 yrs
Mothercare - red heart long sleeve pajama top - 3-4yrs

To get these items, send us 2kg of your unwanted clothes, and we'll send them on to new loving homes. In return, we'll send you this bundle! The clothes don't have to be kids clothes (you could send us some of your clothes for example), and they don't have to be the same size (you can send us a range of clothes your child has grown out of for example). 

Please Note: All item specifics are listed, and therefore, we do not accept free returns on Quick Swaps. Of course, you can always send us these items back in your next Swap with us.