Return policy & disclaimer


- All the items we send are second-hand, and therefore will not always be perfect quality. We always check items before we send them and will never knowingly send out damaged items

- We always intend to send out clean items, but we recommend washing all items when they arrive.  

- We reserve the right not to send you a bag of items if we do not feel you have sent us quality items. We will not accept damaged items as part of the swap. If you are not sure if we will accept your item do not hesitate to send us an email to ask! 

- If we deem your clothes unacceptable to include in a swap (ie if they are of low quality or damaged), we reserve the right not to refund you your Swap payment, as we will have dedicated time to unpacking your items, logging them into our system and finding a way to recycle them. 

-You may not ask for your clothes to be sent back to you once you have sent them to us. 

- Items that are deemed as 'void' will be rehomed immediately with our charity partners and we will not return them to you. 

- To avoid contamination of our warehouse, if we see any signs of pests such as silverfish or carpet beetles on your clothing, we will return your items to you and we will not accept your swap. 

- We reserve the right to decide how best to pass on your unwanted clothes. For example, if they are too heavy to send to another Swapper we may give them to charity or sell on. Our first option, however, will always be to give your clothes to fellow Swappers. 

- We are not responsible if your package of unwanted clothes does not arrive with us. We recommend you send your clothes with tracking to avoid disappointment. We will not send out our selection until we have a package of your swappable clothes first. 

- We may sometimes require further information from you, and we may send emails asking to clarify your style/size/material requirements. To avoid disappointment or clothes going to waste, we will not send off a package until we receive replies to our emails asking for clarification. Please do check your junk box for our emails. 

- We will never sell your contact details, we are GDPR compliant 

Return Policy

If you are not happy with the clothes we’ve sent you in the Swap, we are very happy for you to send them back to us and we will try again to pick out clothes you’ll like! Just send us an email to let us know. 

You simply have to pay the postage to get the clothes back to us, and we will pay the postage for the replacement items. 

Please note: you can only do one return per Swap. 

If you feel we have made a significant mistake with the clothes we have sent you (ie: an entirely incorrect style, items you explicitly asked not to receive, or incorrect sizing), we will be happy to pay for the postage for you to send the clothes back and receive a new Swap.

Swappers have a two-week window after receiving their items to re-swap.  

We will not refund a Swap after the clothes have been sent to you, we will only exchange items. We do not offer compensation if you are disappointed with your experience.