We're partnering up with a group of talented designers to breathe new life into some of our preloved stock, to make sure no clothes are wasted. We've sent them a range of clothes that could do with a bit of creativity to make them into something unique and special. These one-off pieces will be available to buy in our BSS Creatives Collection, launching April 2021. We'll then be splitting the profits with the creatives who helped us rework and upcycle them! 

Watch the behind the scenes here.

Get to know the Creatives below: 

Wain's Worldwide 

My name is Molly and I'm 22 years old. I graduated last year from Leeds Beckett University, with a BA in Fashion. My brand is all about creating as little waste as possible, I use all my off cuts to make tops and accessories and sell them at a cheaper price. I am also size inclusive. I would say my style is comfy and bright, mixed with a 90s preppy feel although I am constantly evolving and trying new things. When not making clothes I am watching TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and eating sushi. I am also a big kid at heart, I will talk to anyone and my DMs are always open for a chat. Shop Molly's designs here. 

Slow Frills 

Hey, I'm Hannah! I'm a 26 year old Manchester - based fashion designer who creates clothing with a conscience. All my pieces are sustainably handmade to last, varying from upcycled secondhand/vintage, and unique items made from offcuts, to 1/1 made-to-measure garments. On Instagram, I show the process behind making real clothes to hopefully inspire others to think about their fashion choices. Shop Hannah's designs here. 

Poprocks and Coats 

I'm an illustrator from Dorset with a love for retro nostalgia and music, applying album art to denim jackets by making them unique and standing out from the crowd. My side business on Instagram will allow people to express themselves with these individual designs. Shop Amy's designs here. 


Moon & Moths 

I call myself a 'creator' because I enjoy the freedom of exploring my own creativity with whichever medium takes my fancy. My current projects involve sourcing secondhand materials such as bed sheets, curtains, or even tea towels and transforming them into wearable items of clothing or accessories. I started with thrifted clothes, flipping old skirts into tops and dresses into trousers, and more recently took up resin art, painting and crocheting. Shop Sophie's designs here. 

Madison Jane Design

Hi, I'm Madison! I'm 21 years old, originally from Suffolk. I'm in my second year of studying fashion design at Nottingham Trent University. I also am part of Braderie, an independent vintage store based in Nottingham. I enjoy anything creative, active, and also have a strong interest in sustainability! Shop Madison's designs here. 

Lucid Seams

I'm Nelle, an artist and sustainable fashion enthusiast based in Bristol. I started upcycling clothing in a bid to explore sustainability in my own wardrobe, and now I take commissions alongside illustration work and inspiring creativity, and an ethical mindset. Shop Nelle's designs here. 

Haus of Kitsch 

I would describe myself as a mixed media creative with a passion for sustainability, an interest in the avant-garde and influence from alternative subcultures. I love anything arty, jazzy and weird as much as I love writing and making one off pieces that I personally tend to find cool or fun to make and look at as opposed to perhaps trendy or in-fashion. Shop Camila's designs here. 

Ffion Snaith


My name is Ffion, and I'm a comparative literature graduate, however I've always been drawn to arts, crafts & textiles. I am passionate about sustainability. When I am not head down in a book, I spend my time embroidering, doodling and working on projects on my sewing machine. My work is inspired by artists such as William Morris, and tends to carry a vintage inspired air. I integrate cottage-esque vibes into my designs with a modern twist. Shop Ffion's designs here. 

Embroider Mee

My name is Harriet and I run the sustainable fashion brand Embroider Mee where I customise embroidery onto vintage and preloved clothing alongside being a food science and nutrition third year student. For years I have been shopping at charity shops and car boots as an alternative to fast fashion. I taught myself to sew to create more interesting pieces, which is where my love for embroidery was born. I now work to make more accessible and sustainable options at an affordable price point. Shop Harriet's designs here. 

Chloe Louise Rutherford 

I am passionate about protecting our environment and I decided I would start creating pieces myself. Carefully curated fabrics such as vintage curtains & bedspreads, tea towels and second hand clothing are transformed into unique, one of a kind pieces. Shop Chloe's designs here. 

Buckets and Bums 

I am Steph, I run a small business called Buckets & Bums and I make bucket hats and bags from secondhand fabric and garments. I've always loved secondhand shopping, especially for my clothes and have always managed to find some gems so it was a no brainer that I'd use garments and fabrics sources from charity shops/ebay/ car boot sales etc for buckets & bums. Shop Steph's designs here. 

Abbie Louise Clothing 

My name is Abbie and I run a small jazzy clothing business! I handmake beautifully unique clothing focusing on custom measurements, sizes and styles making my clothing super inclusive! Every body and shape is gorgeous and I want my clothing to celebrate and reflect this. I am very conscious of my waste and making my items as sustainable as possible! I am so super excited for my collaboration with the amazing people at Big Sister Swap to get super creative with preloved items to recreate something new and beautiful! Shop Abbie's designs here. 

Shop the whole collection here. 

Interested in being part of the next BSS Creative Collection? Drop us an email! 








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    We have a range of swap options available to suit your wardrobe needs. Choose a 1kg for a few fresh items, or a 5kg for a whole wardrobe redo. You can also mix & match the options to get to the desired weight for your swap!

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    Check your emails for a link to our style form. You can give us as much or as little info as you'd like, and you can attach reference photos too. Your stylist will use this to select clothes for you.

  • 3. Send us your unwanted clothes

    We'll send you a prepaid postage label for you to post out your unwanted clothes to us, hassle free. We take any and all clothes, shoes & accessories as long as they're in a good condition.

  • 4. We handpick clothes for you!

    As soon as we receive your unwanted clothes our stylists begin handpicking items for you, based on your personal preferences.

  • 5. You receive your new-to-you clothes!

    You receive our selection in the post, with a personalised note from your stylist. By not buying new, you've saved over 20,000 litres of water!

  • 6.... and your preloved clothes are sent to new homes

    Your clothes get to extend their lives with Swappers all over the UK! By Swapping, you've saved these clothes from going to landfill.