£20 Cashback Scheme

Please note we are no longer running our £20 cashback scheme for any order placed after 6th October 2023. 



Want to earn money back from spreading the word about Big Sister Swap? Well now you can!

 People love hearing from genuine customers about their real experiences with a service, but what’s the motivation for you to post your content? It’s about time you got something in return!

 All you have to do is share a video when you receive your Swap (either a TikTok or an Instagram Reel) talking about your Swap and your experience, and in return we’ll refund you £20 back from your Swap! It’s that simple.

 We really want to see genuine reviews, so you won’t be penalised if you have some negative feedback or some criticism you think the public should know!

Not sure what to post? Here’s some ideas:

  • What I Asked For Vs What They Sent (show your Pinterest/reference photos, and then show the items we picked out for your Swap)
  • What I Sent In Vs What They Sent Back (film your unwanted items before sending them to us, and then film your items when you receive them)
  • Styling My Swap Items (show how you’ll wear the items you were sent. Find an example here.)
  • Big Sister Swap Unboxing (pretty straight forward: sit with your package and film yourself unboxing it and showing all the items you were sent!)


Requirements to receive £20 cashback:

  • All content must be between 30-60 seconds long.
  • All content must tag us in the caption (@bigsisterswapofficial on tiktok or @bigsisterswap on Instagram)
  • Content must be genuine (showing items we didn’t send you, or lying about your experience with us will not be accepted).

(Note: As we are not specifying what you say, or stating this must be a positive review, this is not an ad. Feel free to say your real opinion, in your own words!) 

And… even more of an incentive to post an honest haul…

Tag us in the video and we’ll comment a unique 20% off discount code for the first 5 people who use it. For every person who uses your unique code, you’ll get a further £5 back*

Please note: The Cashback Scheme is for the first 50 customers to post their reviews. The videos can not be pre-existing content, (ie: must be posted on or after 30th Dec 2022.) 

*You will not be able to earn more than the value of your initial Swap. For example, if you order a 1kg Swap and then post about it, the max you can get back is £30 (£20 for posting, and then £5 back for the next 2 people to use your code). If you order a 2kg Swap and then post about it, the max you can get back is £45 (£20 for posting, and then £5 back for the next 5 people to use your code). All discount codes will expire after a month.