Hannah (otherwise known as @thethriftedthreds) started her sustainable fashion Instagram account in September 2018, and posts shots of her daily outfits, a mix of old beloved items, Ebay finds and charity shop gems…

Tell us about your second-hand clothing journey…

I’m a younger sibling so my first experience with second-hand clothing was hand me downs from my sister! But I’ve kind of always been around charity shops, two of my Aunties worked in a charity shop when I was little and I remember getting items of clothing here and there from them so I’ve always been very pro second hand and have never felt the stigma towards it that I think a lot of other people have. At the age of 18, I carried on what seemed to be a family tradition and began volunteering in a local charity shop. It was a real kid in a sweet shop situation. I couldn’t believe I got to be around all of these second-hand goodies all day!


And then this year I’ve discovered the whole ‘second-hand’ community on Instagram and I’ve started to learn more about sustainability etc which has been really great and I’m looking forward to learning more and doing better. 

What’s your personal style like?

I don’t feel like I’m very good at dressing out of my comfort zone (although I’m getting better slowly but surely!) but I love looking to the 1970s for outfit ideas. I think the 70’s was such a great decade for fashion and was overlooked for a long time. Luckily it’s getting the love it deserves at the moment though! I love that flares are coming back, I think a pair of blue high waisted flares with some platforms or boots can look amazing! I’m going to be keeping my eye out for a pair whenever I’m charity shopping!


I’d say that I take little bits of inspiration from all over the place really. Whether it’s someone walking down the street, shopping in Tesco or someone on my Instagram feed, I can usually pick certain bits about their style I like and make a mental note of it for future reference!


My favourite item in my wardrobe was an absolutely perfect pair of Mom jeans. I thrifted them, but they were originally from M&S, and were the comfiest things in the world. I literally wore them until they fell apart. It’s so hard to find comfy jeans that look great! But they’ve since been let go so now I’d have to say my current favourite item is a Lipsy black biker jacket that I got from an online thrift shop. I’ve been wearing biker jackets since I was in my teens and I just feel my most ‘me’ when I have one on! 

The best fashion advice I ever received was: If you like it, wear it.” It’s just so simple and true. Life is too short to worry about what other people are thinking of your outfit. Not sure if it goes? Not sure if it looks right but feel good in it anyway? Go for it! (some advice I definitely need to take on board myself!)


I wish I had the confidence to try out casual jumpsuits & boilersuits! I’ve only ever worn a jumpsuit out once and it was lovely and sparkly and for a wedding reception but I love the look of a more casual jumpsuit and boilersuits! I’ve got my eyes peeled on ebay/charity shops etc so I’m hoping I’ll see something soon and bite the bullet!


How has social media effected your relationship with fashion?

When I started making YouTube videos in 2013, I felt a certain pressure to go down the ‘beauty guru/fashion route’ and create clothing haul videos. These were the types of videos that everyone else was doing and at the time and I just wanted to fit in. I remember actually saving up money just to go shopping, just to specifically film a haul because I felt like I had to always be showing off new & on trend things. I can’t imagine doing that now as that’s such an unhealthy relationship to have with fashion. I used to spend hours scouring clothes websites trying to get the best deal and there were times when I would have clothing parcels from various websites coming 3 to 4 times a week despite not really being able to afford it. I think that YouTube & Haul videos have played a massive part in the way my generation shop and buy into Fast Fashion and I’m a little bit ashamed to think that I’ve been a part of promoting it in the past. 


In a short space of time, though, I have completely turned around my shopping habits. I haven’t bought anything new since for roughly 2.5 months which is a pretty big deal for someone who had awful shopping habits previously. I’m so happy that social media is now affecting my relationship with fashion in a positive way as I’m using it to promote not buying new and wearing what you already own!  

How do you see the future of fashion?  

In the future, I’d want to see less buying for the sake of it or for special occasions. Most of us already have everything we already need in our wardrobe and don’t need to purchase new things for every occasion. I’m guilty for this too, don’t get me wrong but we all need to stop and think ‘Do I really need to buy a new top just because I’m going out for drinks? Or will something I already have suffice?’ Because I guarantee, you probably already own a top that looks great on you anyway! I also want people to understand that it is ok to be seen in the same outfit more than once. I’m sick of seeing articles berating celebrities for re-wearing an outfit?! What on earth is that about? 


I think the only way we’re going to get people who are ‘Fast-Fashion obsessed’ on our side is if we don’t penalise their every move. I want people to know that Slow Fashion doesn’t mean you can never buy anything new ever again. It just means having more of a conscience and making more informed decisions when you shop. If you’ve seen something in Topshop that you’ve fallen in love with and can’t stop thinking about, have contemplated it for weeks and not found it on ebay, buy it. If you really want it, buy it, no one is stopping you. But maybe then say to yourself, ‘Okay, I’m not going to buy anything new again for quite a while because this was my treat’ 


I think this is a movement that isn’t going anywhere and it’s only going to get bigger.




If you have an article you’d like to write about anything slow-fashion related, do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


Big Sister Swap is a sustainable fashion platform, allowing users to swap their unwanted clothes for pre-loved hand-picked clothes in return.

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