With a song that tells us ‘stay at home’ a couple of dozen times, this music video couldn’t be more perfect for this current moment. Plus, Dua’s style is making our mouth water. But what sustainable style lessons can we learn from the new queen of nostalgia and two-tone hair?


  1. You don’t need a million accessories.

Something that’s really cool about Dua’s new video is that although there are plenty of outfits, the accessories stay more or less the same. There's the gold necklace throughout and the same adorable hair clips. Plus the gold chain that makes the mini skirt Chanel-chic doubles to make her first streetwear outfit a little more edgy. Showing us there’s really no need to splurge on loads of different accessories, there are always ways to mix and match.



  1. Grandma knows best.

If we didn’t realise already, Dua’s letting us know grandma fashion is well and truly A Thing. The chunky purple cardigan could easily be pulled from Nan’s wardrobe, so could the red shoulder-padded shirt. The only thing that makes them 2020 certified is the cut, which brings us to…


  1. Cropping is okay.

Almost all of Dua’s outfits here have been cropped to a waist length top and a mini skirt. And (by looking at the red shirt), some of them even look like they were hand cut with fabric scissors. So if Dua can do it, so can you. Refresh your chunky knits, oversized jackets, long pencil skirts and vintage shirts with a crop. If you check out her backing dancers, the same theories apply. Pretty basic cardigans, jazzed up with a cute crop or tie in the middle and helped with some accessorising. These are things we can easily incorporate in our own wardrobes without breaking the bank or buying new.


  1. The walk of shame is better in a cute knit.

Well it’s unlikely any of us will be walking out of anywhere at the moment (unless it’s out of the supermarket with a bundle of toilet paper). But if you are lounging around in your favourite Disney jumper and joggers, don’t feel lazy: feel high fashion, baby. There's no need to buy a new graphic jumper every season, your old cosy fave will always pull through.


  1. Colour combos are the way forward.

This whole video is full of adorable colour blocking two-pieces, but there’s no need to get online to a fast fashion retailer to get the look. Any of these could be upcycled from a second-hand skirt-suit (which are always clogging up the rails in charity shops.) Still not convinced that a pair of fabric scissors and a rough hem is all you need? Refer back to point 3.


  1. If it’s working, don’t fix it…

We don’t know about you, but this whole video gave us the vibe of looking into one girl’s wardrobe. The colour palette was similar and the shapes were similar. It shows how if a cute combo of a cardigan and a mini skirt works for you, there’s no need to change it up. Sure, have one different outfit for sitting on cars and one outfit for plunging into a bathtub, but other than that, Dua’s kept it all pretty similar. If you’re someone that knows the silhouette and colours that work for you, then go for it! Minimal wardrobes are by definition more sustainable, because you’re more likely to wear everything in it multiple times and buy fewer things.


And most of all, we learned, we should have stayed at home.


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