How often do you find yourself sorting through your messy room and stumbling upon that cute top you’ve not seen in a few months? It can’t just be me! But in this instance, I find myself thinking, would I still wear this? Maybe you’re a bit of a hoarder and have just located that Topshop Geek Tee, circa 2013. Either way, do not throw that baby out! Here are some of our best suggestions for how to reuse your old t-shirts:


Scrunchies – a proper staple piece and just that *little* bit extra than a hair tie! All you’ll need is a section of the shirt (or two bits from separate tees if you’re brave), a needle & thread, and some elastic. You might already be a bit of a craft connoisseur and have the equipment lying around. Kudos to the sewing machine owners too! I admire your creativity. There’s a whole variety of methods to creating your scrunchies, so I won’t go into too much detail as the world wide web has done that for me, but happy creating!

Cut into a crop top – okay, this one is pretty self-explanatory but literally a lifesaver. Crop tops are super easy to style and can be as cropped as you want them! You could even try cutting them into a tank top or trying your hand at some halternecks.


Tote bag – not to pick favourites but this one this one this one!!! Oh my god I’m actually obsessed with tote bags, they just get it, you know? Anyway… these are super easy to make and only require one top, a pair of scissors and your handy needle & thread. Luckily you have a bit of freedom with the size here but remember to consider the durability and weight of the material you’re working with ahead of its intended purpose. That recycled chiffon blouse might not be the best idea for your laptop uni bag…

Dog/cat toy – your fur babies will love you. This one is so utilitarian too. It’s a cheap substitute to splashing out on the Pets At Home A/W 2021 drop. If you don’t have a pet, then no fear, you could make them for your local animal shelter! The majority of animal shelters are funded by charitable foundations and trust members, so your free donations are more than welcome. How altruistic of you.

Cotton pads – Here’s your secret to handmade little makeup remover pads. One t-shirt could sort you for days! You only really need a 5cm diameter for the makeup pads and preferably two+ pieces of fabric. Sew the edges shut and viola. All else needed is the makeup remover itself and you can simply reuse those babies by chucking them in your next washing load. It’s also a great way to cut down on non-disposable makeup wipes.

Patch blanket – perfect for the coming winter months! Kind of baby blanket-esque but more reminiscent of your teen years. They also help you save on clothes waste and can actually be really quite cosy. If you’re feeling extra boujee, you can invest in some pillow filling to fluff up your blanket. This is also great if you have a bundle of old clothes that you’re not willing to throw away.
Bucket hat – they never go out of style and pretty much a vibe all year round. Also, hella easy to make. Mix up a few tees for that colour block trend and try to feature some logos if you’re a real label hunter.

Triangles for bunting – if you love party decorations, then this one is for you. A cheap alternative to foil balloons and tissue paper pom poms that can be used for any theme. Try mixing some colours to give a joyful feel or even personalise the bunting to suit the motif you’re after.

Dads old shirt – so this one technically isn’t a reboot of your wardrobe, but I'm telling you this is your sign to raid your dad's old shirts! Not only can you do up all these suggestions listed, but you can literally remake an outfit. Shackets are making a comeback – try scout out a black, white or grey button-down shirt that can work as a lightweight staple jacket for most outfits. Or even spruce up the shirt by adding a belt for that chic belted dress look. V on trend!

Make a face mask – we can only pray that this one is going out of style… however, repurposing your old t-shirts to use as a face mask can actually be very stylish. Obviously, there are a few regulations to follow. Still, for the sake of having a trendy, outfit matching mask, it’s worth abiding by some rules. Thanks to that covid thing, there are hundreds of instructions on how to shape the mask accordingly.
Recycling your clothes really doesn’t take a lot of effort. It’s worth investing in a needle and thread for these sustainable fashion go tos, and they don’t break the bank. They also last for hundreds of uses. Likewise, the internet is full of inventive bodies who are happy to share their upcycling plans. Have a look!
Katie x
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