HACKS TO BE RUNWAY READY THIS AUTUMN (and keep it sustainable -obvs)


It’s no secret that the trend-based nature of the fast fashion industry is one of the main reasons why it’s so damaging to our planet, and to our wallets. There are allegedly 52 different seasons in the fast-fashion calendar, with retailers bringing out new ‘Must Have Items’ every week. We constantly feel behind, and are constantly told to buy more in order to look up to date.


Something that we buy new this Autumn will undoubtedly be out of fashion by next year. (I mean, do we really think neon will be as big next summer as it was this year? Nope. Unless we’re a Love Islander, of course.)


So that’s why we’re taking a slightly different spin to the Autumn Trends article. On other lists, you might find affiliate links for where to buy each trend. You won’t be getting that here. On this list, we’ll tell you ways to look trendy without breaking the bank or buying new.


  1. The Knit Cardigan

If you’re feeling up for a DIY challenge, why not turn an old knit jumper into a cardigan? Get rid of something you don’t wear by turning it into something new. Check out some reviews on Youtube, they look tricky, but worth it!

  1. The Headband

If you’re going around buying these, then, girl, you need to check yourself. This is a piece of fabric glued to a bit of cardboard and plopped on your head for a £10 price tag. There are so many tutorials online of how to make your own, by either knotting a long piece of fabric in a cool way, or turning a plain alice band into a funky decorated headband. It’s also a great way of using up any scrap fabric or old-tshirts. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: No need to buy new!!

  1. The Oversized Blazer

You do not need to be a genius to work out this hack. Go straight to the men’s section of your local charity shops and try out some blazers. Or, of course you could raid the clothes of you Dad/Grandad/Brother/Man Friend. Even if you think they look too ‘manly’ on you, embrace the masculinity and pair the blazer with some feminine lace and silkier silhouettes to get a cool androgynous look.

  1. The Cropped Blazer

Again, not a genius hack. Take a pair of scissors to your newly acquired jacket and whack off the bottom. (Just make sure you check with your Dad/Grandad/Brother/Man Friend first).

  1. 70s Knee High Boots

Okay, we’ll save you from this trend by saying NO. No one needs this much brown leather (faux or otherwise) suffocating their lower legs. Just ignore this trend and thank us later.

  1. Millennial Purple

We don’t really know what makes a colour Millennial, but anyhoo. Lilac is definitely having a moment right now, and we love it. If you can’t find any lavender tones in your wardrobe or charity shop, why not dye some white clothes? Dying at home is fun, and you can also give tie-dye a go, which is also coming back in a big way. Just be aware, that chemical dyes are not great for the environment. Fibre reactive dyes are 95% more environmentally friendly than standard dying techniques, but still try to keep dying to an occasional fun activity, rather than a Go To hack.

  1. The Knit Poncho

Again, noooo excuse to buy this type of thing for £40 from Zara. Come on, ladies, take a real close look. THAT IS A PIECE OF FABRIC WITH A HOLE CUT IN THE MIDDLE FOR YOUR HEAD. So. No points for guessing what our suggestion is. Get a piece of fabric and cut a hole in the middle for your head.

  1. Teeny Weeny Bags

Yessss. The easiest trend hack of all. Who has teeny weeny bags? Teeny weeny people. Go straight to the kids section of any charity shop and have a dig around. Alternatively, if you’re a bit better at DIY, hunt around for some purses or wallets and attach a strap to them to turn them into a tiny clutch bag.

  1. Jewelled Princess Shoes

According to Elle.com, these shoes were all over the catwalks this season, from Miu Miu to Versace. Let’s be honest, it takes a particular taste to want to prance around in these bad boys, but if you do, don’t buy new. Dainty heels are always in charity shops (when people realise they can’t actually walk in them), so grab yourself a cheap pair and get out a glue gun. The fun part is collecting any old gems, bows and glitter and whacking them on. There you go, and you’ve saved yourself a few hundred quid.

  1. Animal Print

Animal print is still going strong, but rather than being seen in cute summer dresses, for Autumn it’ll be all over a pair of boots. We hate to break it to you Generation Zs, but animal print is not a new fad. As with all prints that have been around before, head to your Mum or even your Grandma and see if they can help you out, as they’ll doubtlessly have some of the OG animal print in the back of their wardrobe. And, not to toot our own horn, but over at Big Sister Swap, we’ve got a bunch of animal print shoes you could claim in your Swaps!  

  1. The Midi Dress

Maxi dresses and maxi skirts are just not having a fab time at the moment. All the rage in 2008, but taking up rail after rail in the charity shops of 2019. Good news though, because all those maxi cuts are dying for someone to take a pair of fabric scissors, lob off a few inches and turn them into midis!

  1. Square toed heels

Yet again something that has been and gone a few decades ago. So if you can’t find any in your local charity shops, run to anyone in the generations above you (preferably someone you know, let’s be cautious), and ask them to root around in their old shoes.

  1. Shearling

I mean, honestly. What? Please tell us this isn’t a trend. But, okay, if you really want to get in on this one, grab any old piece of fluffy fabric, cut it up and glue gun it to your old boots. Not saying you should do this. But if you want.


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