How would you describe your wardrobe?

Pretty rounded-out, catered to every season, or somewhere in between? We’ve recently been noticing the revitalisation of capsule wardrobes and their place in the sustainability movement. If you’re not familiar, a capsule wardrobe is basically a condensed collection of outfit basics. The idea is that you acquire some good quality, comfortable clothing as a long term investment that can be styled easily throughout the year(s). This usually consists of monotone/neutral colour palettes, which you can easily coordinate with your preferred staple pieces.


Whilst it may be a bit pricey in the first instance, it is a worthy asset in the long term. You do acquire a bang for your buck, and outfit sourcing has never been easier. It’s worth dedicating some time and research to these staple purchases as they’re going to become very resourceful. Make sure you become familiar with compatible materials and their washing requirements to prolong the life of those key garments.

Here are our top 5:


Bodysuits are super versatile. You can nab a long sleeve/short sleeve/ sleeveless, high neck/v neck/ halter neck, cut-out/ button-down / popper front and so on. The opportunities are endless. They’re the perfect base layer and great for embellishing an outfit or getting cosy. They also enhance statement pieces, so don’t worry about drifting outfit attention.


A boxy blazer or denim jacket – sorry I couldn’t choose one! These two bad boys are the crème de la crème of outfit completion. Boxy blazers have been on trend for a while now. They’re easy to source, and there are loads of great styles out there. The likes of Gigi Hadid, Hailey Beiber and Emily Ratajkowski sport them on the regular. So if you’re looking for that wealthy well-styled appearance of the A-List celebs, look no further. As for the denim jacket, well, they’ve been around for decades. Ask your parents ;). They complement most outfits and are the ultimate option for an evening jacket. Likewise, you can do up the double denim if you’re feeling brave.



Splash out on some good jeans. I cannot stress this enough. The adaptable denim jean will become your best friend - see Levi’s, Lucy & Yak, and Nudie. My personal preference is a straight leg, but have you seen the variety? If not, what are you doing? I could list 15 styles off the top of my head! They’re timeless, comfy, and seasonal. Investing in a quality, durable pair to manner throughout the year will be the best thing you do. It’s worth having a fitting spree for these, as opposed to that shifty online shop, as it's often hard to gauge waist and leg measurements between differing companies.


The most effortless suggestion we are going to offer you are The. Black. Chunky. Boots. If I could suggest one item of clothing that is going to save your wardrobe, it would be this funky pair. They combat the UKs temperamental weather system by acclimatising to snowy grounds and puddled paths, walking the crunchy leaved parks, and those warm summer evenings. Dr Martens and Timberland have an outstanding range of boots that are made to last (I’ve had mine for 5 years!!!). They are on the steeper side but isn’t that what an investment is for? Have a looksy.



And for our final suggestion, the beloved two-piece. Practical and easy to style. Dress up or down. Casual or chic. There is also a huge selection to choose from: joggers & hoodie, skirt & skirt, cycle shorts & bralets, blazer & flares, bandeau & wide leg. I’ll stop there… I’m feeling the sudden urge to shop. On a serious note, the two pieces are brill. You can separate them and create a wealth of outfits or simply keep them as a pair. You do you boo.


If you want to fulfil your capsule wardrobe dreams but also wish to contribute to the swap, then feel free to request some outfit essentials in your Big Sister package! We accept all clothing desires and are more than happy to source your recommendations. We also understand the importance of movements such as #30Wears and love providing primary looks with a new home. Happy shopping guys, gals and non-binary pals!



Katie x


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